Project Proposal

Students registration needs to be approved by the mentor to create a project proposal. The Institute will add Institute Adopted Village and areas under it. The Internship can either be carried out individually or in a Group (Maximum 10 members). After creating a proposal, it needs to be submitted for approval by the Mentor

Steps to Create a Project Proposal

  1. On the Dashboard Page, Click on Project.
  2. Students can either create their own project proposal or adopt a project proposed by the Institute / Mentor / Co-ordinator.
  3. Type Project Name.
  4. Give Project Description (Optional).
  5. Click on Next.
  6. There are 5 Project Themes this year: Energy Management, Greenery, Sanitation & Hygiene, Waste Management, and Water Management
  7. Student Interns need to propose 100 Hours of activity that they will carry out under this internship
  8. Select a Theme.
  9. Select an Activity specified under your selected theme
  10. Enter the Area where you will carry your activity. (Area in the village selected / College Campus)
  11. Enter Estimated Hours to complete the activity.
  12. Keep on adding activities till the total hours are 100.
  13. Click on Next.
  14. Add your Project Mentor.
  15. Add your Project Members (max 10 interns in a group).
  16. Click on Finish.
  17. Click on Submit for Approval for the project to be approved by your mentor.